Membership Information

Membership of Yarnton Blues FC is for a Season, from September - April inclusive. Membership includes training sessions and all matches and are paid at the start of each season in September. 

The fees for the Season are agreed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club and for 2019 the fees are as follows:

Age Group 2019 Membership Fee
First Child £100.00
Other Children £60.00
Under 7s Only £60.00

Note: the eldest child pays the full £100.00 amount. 

We want Football and Sport to appeal to people of all backgrounds so if there is any difficulty in paying the subscription fees, please speak directly to the Chair.

Subscription payments for players joining during the season will be on a pro-rata basis for the remaining playing months (calculations will be based on a 8 month season Sept-April), and payment should be made before the end of their first month with the club.

All club members and supporters are expected to sign up to and abide by the Code of Conduct, which can be found by visiting this link.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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